The terms “we,” “us,” or “our” refer to PropertyHero.Ai Property-Intel Corp. The term “you,” “customer,” or “user” refers to the customers, organization, visitors, or guests visiting our Website and or using our services or purchasing our goods or materials.

Upon registration to Property-Intel’s service, I agree to all the terms set herein.

The goods and services provided by PropertyHero.Ai are supplied on an “As is” basis, we bear no liability for website downtime, unavailable due to server downtime, or slow service speed.

The software provided is created and sold for its intended purpose, and Property-Intel cannot be held responsible for use outside of their intended purposes.

We bear no liability, responsibility, or damages for the software services we provide to you. The user agrees the software is to be used for purposes as intended. Providing you these materials does not constitute a contract in any manner by us. Further, you agree to indemnify us and our officers of all liabilities, responsibilities, and damages associated with the use of these materials.

Property-Intel will maintain a record of the information and data you provide to us. We do not assume responsibility for your data’s accuracy, or integrity, since you are the original data source.

We reserve the right to refund (or not refund) fees should we determine that services or reports were not accurate or otherwise deficient.

As a condition of your use of this Website, you warrant that:
1. You are at least 18 years of age;
2. You possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation;
3. You will use this Website following these “Terms of Use”;
4. You will use this Website following the “Terms of Technology Use” available on the Website; and
5. You agree to the privacy policy terms of this Website.

If any part of these terms of services is found not legal or applicable in a court of law, it will not impact the other sections of the services’ enforceability.

Our software is intended for commercial or personal use to maintain your properties and assets inside of those properties. The user’s responsibility is to grant or limit access to data in their account through the user access pages. Responsibility for the legitimate use of the software is yours. We reserve the right to revoke user privileges should we discover any misuse or attempts at reverse-engineering the product, including violation of service terms.

We do not share personal information with third parties for marketing purposes. We will not advertise services or products to you unless you are specifically opted-in to our benefits program. If you are opted-in, we will advertise directly to you, and you agree to be contacted based on any information you enter into the system. We will promote over our Website, email, SMS, browser push notification, or system messages. We will not advertise with phone calls. We may contact you on behalf of outside organizations but will not allow them to advertise to you directly. We will not sell “mailing lists” to outside organizations.

The information and data you entered into our system are your own, and you grant us a license to view, copy, modify, analyze, and review that data. For example, we may use your data to study a particular appliance model or examine overall purchase trends for our user’s appliances. Due to the nature of the data we maintain, you may delete an item. Still, we will keep the item’s records as a service to a potential future owner should the item appear in the database with a new owner in the future.

We may provide the user with helpful tips and information throughout the user experience, such as push notifications, SMS messaging, and email. This information is intended to help you with the products you own based in part on the information and data they entered into our system. For example, a user may enter an LG brand microwave which door frequently becomes loose. Thus, we may recommend to the user, via various methods, to check the door’s tightness. We will not be held responsible for repairs and maintenance that is done by the user or their agent, nor advice or tips provided to the user.

You can retrieve your archived account information and other data you entered but did not transfer or delete by submitting a support ticket. If you have mistakenly deleted an item, contact support within ten working days.

You have the right to delete your account at any time. If you would like a copy of your information, contact technical support before requesting deletion of the history. We will use our best efforts to reinstate your data within ten working days.

Our system may recommend service providers to the users or have a publicly displayed webpages of these service providers. These are strictly recommendations. Any interactions with these recommended server providers are done at your own risk. Recommendations are based on our user communities’ recommendations, and thus we do not guarantee, endorse, or accept liability for work performed by, estimates created by, or services rendered by any service provider on our system. We do not vet service providers, and like other platforms fraudulent actors may exists be cautious of anyone you interact with via recommendations or publicly displayed webpages. If you disagree with a publicly displayed recommendation, or rating of a provider you can submit your own rating or review of that provider for our users benefits. Providers who defraud our users may be removed from the system and may not be recommended to other users, and they will forfeit any payments or fees provided to us. Users who experience fraud from one of our recommended should contact us immediately.

The system creates a record of work done on items entered by the owner or service providers. These are independent records. Thus, we reserve the right to edit, modify, or delete owners or service provider records that are profane, abusive, bullying, or entered by a service provider seeking to manipulate the history. Users who disagree with the records of a service provider entered into our system should contact the service provider directly. We would prefer not to modify records entered into our system without the direct permission of the person who entered those records. If this is not effective, the item’s owner should enter a support ticket explaining the reason for the change.

Our users drive our system; if they enter data incorrectly into our software, we are not liable or responsible for any error or damages that may result. Improper manipulation of service notes will be reviewed, edited, and deleted if found to be inaccurate. Continued abuse of the system may result in the termination of your account.

Part of our service is the production of various reports containing the information you have entered. As such, we are not liable or responsible for any error or damages that may result from your or your service provider’s errors. It is good to check the information you entered into the system and modify and correct any mistakes. If you cannot correct an error or mistake, contact support, and we will adjust the record for you.

Property-Intel is provided on an “as available” basis. Although it is in our interest to be fully operational at all times, we do not guarantee uptimes or minimum performance requirements as a beta product. We will not be held liable for any loss of revenues, business, or damages that may occur due to system downtime. One of our services is to provide reminders to the users to perform specific actions. We are not liable if our system does not alert you with a reminder nor for any damages that may result because that reminder was not received or marked as a “junk” email. Property-Intel is not a service contractor. We offer the reminder service on an “as available” basis.

We reserve the right to charge fees for our services at a later date. Any data you enter will remain your property and, as such, will be available to you free of charge.

Property-Intel will provide recommendations periodically related to the performance of maintenance, repairs, changes, modifications, recalls, or removals on any item, asset, or appliance. These recommendations are to be taken as advice only and must be evaluated independently by the user. Property-Intel is not liable for any suggestions because all recommendations are considered optional and should be evaluated based on the user’s best judgment. Users should use their best judgment when choosing to follow recommendations. As the product owner, you must decide whether to follow the advice generated by a person or in an automated manner by our system.

We are not liable or responsible for any error or damages resulting from lost or unsaved data. Our goal is to maintain your data, and we will improve the way we retain your data. If you discover that data is missing or inaccurate, please contact technical support and mark it as an urgent priority. We will retain data deleted by you. Retention of information by us is necessary due to the possibility that an item will re-appear at another property in the future.

Arbitration will be the first remedy for disagreements. If arbitration fails, legal jurisdiction will be in the Texas State Court System of the USA.